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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  August 12, 2010 5:00am-6:00am PST

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i'm terry mcsweeney live in san francisco city hall. a federal judge's ruling later today may pave the way for wedding bells for same sex couples. then again, legal experts are saying it will probably just be more of the wedding bell blues. the story coming up in a live report. >> also in the headlines, a murder suspect's wild ride to the scene of the crime that leads to an armed standoff that took over a bay area neighborhood. >> and in this tight economy, must be nice to have an extra $4 million surplus cash. i'm theresa garcia live in san francisco. bart has discovered an unexpected surprise. we'll explain what they might do with it coming up. >> a live look at montcalm medical this morning. see how thick the cloud cover is and more moisture-laden. where and how long this will last and when that warming trend will finally get into our neighborhood. >> i have a developing hot spot. it's san jose on north 101. we have a live shot here near 880 just before the scene
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approaching 880. two separate accidents, one blocking a lane. we'll check the maps and drive times in my next report. >> it is just about 6:01 this thursday morning. thanks for joining us. i'm eric thomas. >> i'm kristen sze. the guessing game is almost over. just hours from now a federal judge will allow whether to lift a stay for same sex couples to marry in california. what could be a flood of new marriage applications. abc 7's terry mcsweeney is live in san francisco city hall with the wait and the preparations. terry? >> here in san francisco city hall, the recorder says he can process about 100 marriages a day. he's got people working overtime ready for anything. legal experts are saying that's probably not going to happen despite the fact that the ruling from judge vaughan walker is coming down between 9:00 and noon today. take a look at the picture of the judge making the decision today, the same judge who made the decision last week that proposition 8, the voter passed
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definition of marriage between a man and a woman is unconstitutional. but the judge did place a stay on that ruling and those who came to san francisco city hall for a marriage license after that ruling were turned away. maybe the same story again today. even if the judge lifts the stay this morning that does not mean wedding bells will be ringing today. >> i think judge walker is going to lift the stay but he's going to give the supporters of prop 8 a chance to go down to the 9th circuit court of appeal and appeal that order and possibly even go to the circuit justice anthony kennedy if they should lose the 9th circuit. >> now, if in fact the judge lifts the ban and does not delay its implementation, abc 7 got ahold of the recorder and he says he's ready for anything. that's the same story from other counties around the bay area. they are ready in case same sex marriages are allowed to go forward. but, again, dean johnson is
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saying in all likelihood the ban will be lifted but then pro-prop 8 forces will be given a week to find a judge, possibly the 9th circuit court of appeals, to delay this until it can get all the way through the appeals process and end up where most people say it will at the u.s. supreme court. terry mcsweeney, abc 7 news. >> terry, thank you. stay with abc 7 and for live coverage of the decision just as soon as it's released. again, that's expected today between 9 a.m. and noon. keep it tuned here. >> it's 6:03 right now. in san francisco, the promoter of an end of summer teen party that ended with a german tourist being shot and killed in the entertainment district is now apologizing for the tragedy. the san francisco chronicle reports the 22-year-old promoter is pledging to work with city officials to put on safe events in the future. yesterday the only suspect to be arrested in connection with the shooting death was released from jail. the d.a.'s office saying there's not enough evidence yet to file
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charges. >> in contra costa county detectives are investigating a murder inside a bay point home arch authorities arrested the suspect that led them on a long chase. it began yesterday afternoon after a neighbor called in a disturbance at the home and described a bright yellow s.u.v. a slow chase from highway 4 from bay point to concord. it traveled back to pittsburgh and returned to the bay point home where it all started. there investigators say the 30-year-old sat in his vehicle with a resolver to his head while talking on his cellphone. negotiators were able to convince rubio to put down his weapon and give up. afternoon wards investigators discovered a dead body in the house and identified rubio as a suspect. >> cleaner trains or slightly lower fares. those are a couple options facing bart board members when they meet just three hours from now and a vote how to spend the $4 million surplus. theresa garcia is live at a san francisco bart station with more. theresa, that surplus is
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actually bigger than that. >> it sure is bigger. we're talking millions bigger. you've got a lot of riders saying forget the temporary fare rollback as an option. try cleaner cars. that's something that will hopefully last longer, definitely make the ride a lot nicer. today bart is going to be deciding what to do with some of its surprisingly growing cash surplus. in total given the tighter economic times, bart is in a plush position with the total of $8.5 extra million to work with. earlier this year the transit agency announced it had a surplus due to unexpected state funding. then after further review, bart discovered another unexpected cushion of cash, a $4 million surplus and that's from a higher than projected county sales tax revenue. this money will likely go towards the capital reserve fund. while all this surplus is a pleasant surprise, bart's healthier budget is also due to belt tightening. >> pay great attention to detailings the last couple
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years. told us bad economy coming and said we've gotta make some cuts. we've got to match our expenses with our revenues. >> today's bart board of directors will vote on how it will allocate some of the original $4.5 million surplus. bart has already committed $2 million on customers-focussed projects. now it will give riders a 3% fare reduction for four months. some riders say it's not worth spending the temporary reprogram ticket gates and print brochures. if the fare rollback is approved today, then these reductions will happen from october through february. if it is not approved, that reduction, then the original $3.2 million surplus will go back to the agency's reserve fund. theresa garcia, abc 7 news. >> theresa, thank you. it's 6:06. the environmental impact report developing treasure island gets its first public hearing this morning. the san francisco chronicle reports today's meeting will be
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held by the city's planning commission and the treasury island development authority. it's meant to put the treasure island plan on the fas trak. city supervisors approve the financial and development terms for the project back in may. it calls for building up to 8,000 housing units with 30% for low and moderate income residents. the plan also includes office space, retail stores, hotels and entertainment facilities. two marin county lawmakers say they plan to block governor schwarzenegger's latest plan to expand death row facility. he plans to issue a $64 million loan from the state's general fund to start work on the $356 million project. assemblyman jared huhman and state mark leno have opposed the governor's efforts to expand the facility in the past. leno calls the plan reckless because of the unstable state of california's general fund and the state's overall budget problems. >> 6:07 now.
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you know what, my windshield wipers are just too tired. they don't want to work anymore. >> hopefully they won't have to work too much longer, mike. >> probably a couple more hours and the mist and drizzle will start to dry. we probably won't see a repeat how thick it is this morning. here's a look at live doppler 7 hd. santa rosa, over in the east bay hills, about two hundredths of an inch of drizzle over the next couple hours. how much thicker the marine layer is. temperatures low to mid-50s most neighborhoods. stuck in the 50s at 8:00 with cloudy conditions and that drizzle and mist starting to taper, especially farther away from the ocean and also the bay. by noon we're seeing sunshine in the north bay, east bay and south bay, especially the valleys with low to mid-70s there. cloudy along the bay, the coast
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upper 60s to low 60s. that's where you'll be at 4:00. you can see low to mid-70s the south bay and north bay and upper 70s to low 80s in the east bay valleys. the area that will see the biggest jump in temperatures today. tomorrow a lot like today. just a little drier in the morning and you can see those temperatures wrap up inland over the weekend and to a lesser extend around bay and not much warmer at the coast. 60s at most. >> san jose northbound 101 we have two separate accidents involving a total of seven cars. so as you make your way northbound near 13th street or old oakland, you'll pass a four-car accident but a three-car accident is what's slowing things down because a lane is blocked as you make your way towards the 880 interchange. look at the range of speeds. 76 mph and then slam to 5 mph as you make your way towards that accident. the drive time is adding extra
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time, 13 minutes from 85 to 280 and 14 minutes from 280 to 237. you may want to consider highway 87 as an alternate. eric, kristen. >> frances, thank you. it's about 6:10. >> the new court battle hitting surfer against surfer for control of the maverick surf contest. how that could dramatically change one of the sport's biggest events. checking account. really? yea, check this out. there's no deposit slips or envelopes. you just take the check and--psshht--right in there. now chase atms take the worry out of making a deposit. so that's it? they got it? duh. oh it's on the receipt. it also works with cash. really? do you have a 20, or... yea! psshht! voila. that's cool. ok let's go. hey, wait. where's my 20? hey, what's up, dude? chase checking. welcome to banking with chase. chase what matters.
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ngngngngngngngngngngngngngngngng "meg whitman says she'll run california like her company..." seen this attack on meg whitman? who are these people? they're the unions and special interests behind jerry brown. they want jerry brown because, he won't "rock the boat," in sacramento. he'll be the same as he ever was. high taxes. lost jobs. big pensions for state employees. the special interests have chosen their governor. how about you?
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good morning, everyone. 6:13 on the abc 7 morning news. a live high definition picture from our rooftop camera towards the embarcadero which is amazingly unbusy right now. the background the bay bridge. as you can see from the very tips of the towers there, it's foggy out there. >> because you can't see the tips. >> that's right! >> i'm stopping now because you
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have heard this one before. >> yeah. worth hearing again. more news. cal tran is warning that dozens of highway projects around the bay area may have to be delayed if the budget stalemate in sacramento lingers. without a budget in place, cal tran can't award contracts for resurfacing highway 101 in san rafael or interstate 80 in solano county and widening highway 4 would be put on hold. if cal tran runs low on cash, construction at the caldecott tunnel could come to a halt as they're starting to dig for the fourth bore. the devil lied tunnel in san mateo county. in all $3 billion worth of projects are in projected. >> big wave surfers are trying to take back control of the mavericks surf contest. colleagues think the contest has become too commercial under the control of the company mavericks surf ventures incorporated.
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you know the contest takes place at the bay every bay. jeff clark sued the company after they dropped him from the three-member board. the surf's group wants clark to join their effort to get control of the contest permit and tone down more community friendly surf event. >> new research suggests if you want to get pregnant, try to relax a little. the study done at oxford university in england involved british women 18 to 40. researchers used saliva levels. with high stress levels they were 12% less likely to conceive. >> another survey by captain obvious phd. (laughter) >> let's check with mike, take a look at the forecast. >> maybe more stressful because of the drizzle.
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could be slick from the commute. let's move on to talk about the cold weather we're dealing with this morning and the cloud cover. ballmer peak is above it as well as mount diablo. gotta get that warm weather down to the ground. to do that we need sunshine to overturn the atmosphere. a tough go today just like yesterday. let's take a look at those temperatures. still running in the 50s in all neighborhoods. the cool spot san rafael and san francisco about 52. the monterey bay dealing with cloud cover and drizzle and mist from time to time. the temperatures around 55, 56, and 57 degrees. we will see more sunshine today, especially in our valleys. it won't be nearly as chilly as yesterday. we set a record cold high temperature in oakland at 62. cloudy again tonight, not quite as damp as this morning and the warmest weather arrives ever the entire bay area sunday and monday. for today we're watching the slow slide slowly to the east. we're still in this bowl of cool
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air; but as the afternoon wears on, this will start to pull away. and that's why we'll start to see some of the warming, especially in our inland valleys, today, tomorrow and saturday. that will spread across the rest of our neighborhoods sunday into monday. down in the south bay we have mid to upper 70s today with san jose at 76. los gatos at 79. sunnyvale and milpitas cooler at 73. a partly cloudy sky. millbrae breezy, cooler at 68. clouds along the coast upper 50s today. downtown south san francisco, you see a few pockets of sunshine developing there and sausalito. while it's breezy where it will have low to mid-60s. san rafael about 68 with low to mid-70s in your valleys. warmer weather, ukiah, cooler there. sunshine late this afternoon around richmond to san leandro, hayward.
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upper 70s danville pleasanton. 80 morgan hill, down to 76 gilroy, 72 hollister. pretty cloudy around the monterey bay mid to upper 60s today. tonight you see the cloud cover. maybe not quite as extensive this morning. not as wet. low to mid-50s in most neighborhoods. how about san jose the exception at 58. cloverdale at 49. here's your accu-weather seven-day forecast. tomorrow we're pretty much under the same air mass but without the damp and cool start. should warm a few degrees, especially our inland valleys. same thing on saturday and you can see the heat start to roll in sunday, monday and tuesday and lingering wednesday, especially inland. the bay will start to warm to the mid to upper 70s and the coast while it's warmer but still pretty cool, low 60s. here's frances with an update. >> you're going to see a lot of red, brake lights in san jose on northbound 101 because of an injury accident approaching old oakland road. the right lane is blocked so traffic really heavy as you make
6:19 am
your way past the 286 interchange approaching 880. here's the drive time for you along that stretch. this goes all the way up to 237. most of the delays is just before the accident from 280 to 237. once you get past 237, mountain view to san mateo is delay-free. let's check out 101 in san jose. this is just past the accident for northbound commuters. that's why traffic is light. you may want to consider highway 87 as an alternate to avoid deet lays there. that's northbound traffic. you see a little more -- more cars in the northbound direction but overall these delay free as you make your way towards the airport. another accident in the napa area or may be just a stall. canyon road, looks like a lane is blocked. those are the only hot spots but you can find out what's going on for your ride to work by going to you'll find the bay area traffic link under abc 7 extras. >> frances, it's 6:19.
6:20 am
thank you. >> now for the must reads. what would you think if your daughter wanted to use botox. >> huh-uh. >> not supportive, right? "the new york times" say teenagers are getting the shots. one of the stars of the fox show glee caused a stir when she got botox and a skin tightening treatment for the new season. teens don't have wrinkles but the 18-year-old said she wanted to look fresh on camera. last year 12,000 doses went to teens. no telling how many were cosmetic and how many were for medical purposes. >> the "wall street journal" looks at even younger kids and their aesthetic sense. do these jeans make my diaper look big? children's apparel are copying adult trends and that means from the gap to j. crew, selling like pancakes. >> skinny jeans are not
6:21 am
flattering for toddlers but she proceeded to buy three pair. the completely articles on would your website, look under the must read tab. >> moms want a little mini me. >> of course. tonight the oakland raiders kick off the preseason in dallas against the boys. the first time fans will see jason campbell, the quarterback in silver and black. expected to play the first quarter. game time 6 p.m.. the 49ers begin their preseason sunday in indianapolis. >> still ahead, a four-alarm rescue caught on video. >> h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@
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6:24 now. some firefighters in santa cruz are being credited for going above and beyond the call of
6:25 am
duty. (kitten meowing) >> they were called to an apartment complex when a kitten was struck in a drain. the fire crew pried off the grate only to find the scareddy cat was stuck between two drains while they hooked up a hose to nudge the kitty out to safety. >> there he is! you want to hand him to me! oh! yea! >> oh, thank you! yea! >> oh, honey! >> it is so tiny. just a couple pounds probably, right? >> that's right. >> these says she'll keep the little kitten and take some others she found under a bush to mission street where they shouldable available for adoption. >> there's the whole crew. very cute. still ahead at 6:30, the new bill that could have more solo
6:26 am
drivers in the carpool lane. >> apparently the camera can lie. the abc 7 news eye team uncovers hundreds of parking ticket mistakes. >> and is he really a hero? new details that suggest the fed up flight attendant may not be quite the hero he's been made out to be after his famous fight flight. >> live in san francisco where a federal judge's ruling may pave the way for same sex couples to tie the not. may mean they still cannot. we'll explain in a live report. >> no word from sfo. assume everything is flying in okay. d.c., baltimore, philly and new york and soon to be boston. >> the bridge toll plaza, big delays in san jose from 280 up delays in san jose from 280 up towards 880 because
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the opening bell is ringing right now to start the trading day at 6:29. stocks are expected to extend their losses today after the labor department just reported about an hour ago that new unemployment claims rose to their highest levels in six months. investors were jittery after the big drop that plugged 265 points. we could see another big down day. live to the new york stock exchange for the latest in 15 minutes. >> california's ban on same sex marriages could be gone. a judge will rule this morning on whether to lift the stay that's preventing those marriages from taking place. terry mcsweeney joins us live from san francisco city hall where the county clerk is getting ready for a possible flood of new marriage applications. terry? >> san francisco and other bay area counties telling us they are ready in the event the judge lifts that stay. legal experts say the judge is going to lift that stay but
6:31 am
still that does not mean we're going to have same sex marriages anywhere in california today. judge vaughan walker is going to be releasing his decision sometime between 9:00 and noon today. he ruled last week that proposition 8, the voter approved measure that marriage is between one man and one woman is unconstitutional but did not have same sex marriage to resume immediately. today he decides if he should lift that stay. dean johnson says he'll likely lift that ban but then hold off implementing that. >> if the stay is lifted, judge walker undoubtedly will give the proponents of prop 8 an opportunity to perfect their appeal to the 9th circuit and possibly to the circuit justice anthony kennedy. on the other hand the stay will remain in place which means that same sex marriages will not be allowed to go forward.
6:32 am
>> here in san francisco the recorders office says it's capable of processing 100 marriages a day. that's with overtime extra personnel trying to gear up with the possibility that same sex marriages will be allowed to go forward today. as we heard it's a legal knot and we'll find out and not just speculate sometime between 9:00 and noon today when judge walker releases his ruling. terry mcsweeney, abc 7 news. >> thanks. as terry noted, both sides in the prop 8 battle have already said if judge walker rules against them today, they will appeal to the 9th circuit and legal experts say that could provide a critical clue how the supreme court might ultimately rule on the whole prop 8 case. legal analyst dean johnson says once the 9th circuit rules, the loser will appeal to the u.s. supreme court. since the supreme court is not in session and the parties would claim a need for immediate
6:33 am
relief, it would go to the justice assigned to the circuit which happens to be anthony kennedy. they believe he's the swing vote. his decision on the stay could give us the first indication how prop 8 might ultimately be decided. say with abc 7 for live coverage of the decision. that's expected between 9 a.m. and noon. >> it's 6:33 now. in contra costa county detectives are investigating a murder inside a bay point home and they were led to the scene by the suspect during a long risky high-speed chase. it began yesterday after a neighbor called in a disturbance at the home and described seeing a bright yellow s.u.v. a slow chase followed from highway 4 from bay point to concord. then the caravan travelled back to pittsburgh and returned to the bay point home where it all started. then rubio sat in his vehicle with a revolver to his head
6:34 am
while talking on a cellphone. they were able to convince rubio to put down his weapon and give up. >> subsequently it was discovered there was a dead body inside the house. and he was identified, rubio was identified as the suspect in that incident. >> so far officials will only say a male victim was found dead inside the home. >> parking fines bayed by hundreds is a mistake uncovered by abc 7 eye team. one caught on video by camera on a muni bus, it's part of the transit only lane enforcement project. the $85 ticket came as a shock because he always moves his commercially licensed vehicle from a loading zone before the 4:00 time limit. the ticket says his vehicle was there in june at 4:33 in the afternoon. the eye team filed a public records act request and shows on 17 buses the camera recorders didn't adjust with daylights
6:35 am
savings time in march. the clocks were off one hour and technicians didn't catch it for more than three months. >> i was not there 4:30. before 4:00. i went around 3:30. >> if we have a problem with the tickets and we can verify it, we should refund their money if there was a problem with our system. >> and be proactive. >> and be proactive, yes. >> muni executive director nat ford assures us his office will refund more than $28,000 that people have paid for these tickets and will excuse more than $27,000 in outstanding fines. >> firefighters in san jose are trying to figure out exactly what caused an early morning fire. that fire started around 2:45 at the site of a grocery store that's being built near the intersection of 13th and henning street. it took about an hour to knock the fire down and firefighters are still searching for hot spots. there's no word yet how much damage was done. >> just hours from now two chp officers will be recognized by
6:36 am
the state as heroes. helicopter pilot jason hurtzell and sean voyi will receive an award for the rescue of a drowning woman on april 11th. they were among several who pulled the woman from rushing water after her car crashed and flipped into the canal. >> the south bay planning to put a six-story tower on a muslim center. the planning commission unanimous approved it to be added to the community association's mosque on scott boulevard. a local businessman complained the 64 foot tall tower doesn't fit in with the architecture of the neighborhood. >> whether it would apply, whether the muslim community association, some other type of megachurch which are popping up. >> they plan now to move to the
6:37 am
santa clara city council for final approval. >> new accusations this morning against a jetblue flight atentant who cursed at a passenger and you slid down an emergency chute. one say he instigated the confrontation. a school teacher said when the woman asked later where remember bag was stowed he blurted out an expletive. he looked disturbeds before that. another passenger said slater was rude to her when she asked for a wipe to clean up spilled coffee. meanwhile new york port authority police say jetblue officials are not cooperating with the investigation, a charge the airline denies. if you want to hear more, slater's ex-wife will be on gma this morning after our newscast at 7:00. 6:37. nothing to defend when it comes to the weather. it is what it is, mike, but it
6:38 am
is changing, too. >> that change and some sunshine. yesterday we set those record cold temperatures for highs in oakland at 62. beautiful picture above the fray there. 24 hour temperature change. the greatest effect like concord 11 degree jump to 81. it's still going to be cloudy. there's a lot of mist in the air at 8:00 but most of the drizzle will start to move to the coast. temperatures in the 50s. by noon we could still have drizzle along the coast and in san francisco. cloud cover along most of the bay. that's why you see we're still in the 60s while our inland valleys are seeing sunshine and in the 70s. by 4:00 everybody starting to see sunshine except along the coast and in san francisco and a few lingering clouds along the bay. low to mid-70s the south bay and
6:39 am
north bay valleys. upper 70s to near 80 in the east bay valleys. that area that will continue to feel the bulk of the warmth as we head through the week. by sunday near 90. near 60s at the coast and even warmer for monday and tuesday. frances? >> all right, mike. back to san jose where we have this hot spot on north 101. the good news is this injury accident has just been cleared from the lanes but a lot of left over slowing on north 101 from 280 towards sold oakland road. there's actually two separate crashes in the area. heavy traffic on 101. the drive time from highway 85 to 237 about 30 minutes. adding an extra five minutes to your commute. if you take 101 normally, you may want to consider highway 87. 9 minutes from highway 85 to north first street. if you want to head that way, 280 is delay-free. it's looking good. no problems on the bridges this morning.
6:40 am
take a look at the bridge toll plaza. just a minor backup for the cash-paying lanes but great on the san mateo bridge and the. >> trading underway on wall street after a horrible day yesterday. a live report from the new york stock exchange straight ahead. here's a live look at the big board. you can see the dow is continuing with the declines, down 79 points right now. beware of those bounce houses. the hidden dangers on a popular children's toy. from worst to best? the bay area rose garden that's rising from the weeds to the top of the crop nationwide. >> what to do with $4 million extra dollars. i'm theresa garcia live in san francisco. that's a positive challenge bart now faces as it has an increasing surplus.
6:41 am
we'll explain just ahead.
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♪ welcome back. 6:44. time to take a tour of the state. let's start with the cloudy conditions along the coast and 61 eureka and big sur. afternoon sunshine and san diego 71, l.a. 78. sacramento cooler than average with 84. comfortable fresno and chico 91 and 93. tahoe 74, 96 yosemite and the hot spot our final stop, 101 palm springs. eric? >> mike, thank you very much. it's 6:44 now. the state senate approved a bill that would require manufacturers to label any animal fur used in their clothing. the bill sponsored by an assembly member of san francisco
6:45 am
heads to the governor for hills signature. federal law requires animal fur labels on own garment that costs more than $150. there's an assumption garmenting without labels have fake fur but that's not always the case. >> state workers angry over forced furloughs are organizing a boycott over governor schwarzenegger's latest movie. >> he loves playing in a jungle. >> right? >> the governor has just a cameo in this film, the expendables. it opens this friday. state workers are protesting in san francisco and other cities showing the film. a second furlough was scheduled to begin this friday. it was blocked this week by an alameda county judge. governor schwarzenegger is appealing the judge's decision. >> the bloodletting on wall street continues and jamba kus is honoring mcdonald's coupons for free smoothies. >> jane king joins us live with the "moneyscope" report.
6:46 am
jane? >> hi, eric and kristen. good morning. again here today a lot of concern about unemployment and cisco. we have bigger than expected weekly jobless claims. that's reigniting concern about the economy. that was one of the things that caused that big selloff yesterday. as for cisco, those trading lower. missed analyst estimates and the ceo talking about a slowdown in the economic recovery. on a happier note, g.m. announcing a jump in quarterly profit and the majority owned by the government. the nasdaq is taking the biggest hit percentagewise. we have the nasdaq down better than 1%. the dow and s & p off their lows on this session. and the bloomberg silicon valley index trading down about 2%. the meantime if you have one of those free smoothie coupons that
6:47 am
mcdonald's handed out but refused to honor. don't throw it away. jamba juice honoring them in eight cities, including san francisco. good until sunday. jamba competing heavily with mcdonald's in the smoothty market. running a funny ad on about a fake product. sarcastically makes the point its specialty is smoothies. sounds like a smoothie war. are you hungry for an egg mcmuffin? consumer reresearch company finds more people eat breakfast an mcdonald's than any other fast food chain. scarborough says more than a third of adults in the bay area have eaten breakfast at a fast food chain over the past month. i'm jane king, bloomberg news. >> i would have thought it was more. >> yeah. yep. not a single person got into a confrontation at the mcdonald's drive-up window where there are
6:48 am
no mcnuggets. >> exactly. >> in northwest iowa, a flash flood watch is in effect a day after it forced people to evacuate homes in other parts of the state. a 16-year-old girl was killed when raging floodwaters swept the car she was riding in off the road. leaving 55,000 residents without service. it left iowa state university's basketball arena under 4 to 5 feet of water. >> 6:48 now. let's check with mike for a look at the forecast. gray start to the morning. >> not much rain here, actually it's drizzle. it was measurable in the east bay hills, about two hundredths of an inch. here's a look from downtown san francisco, the bay bridge. if you head south, sfo reported 15 minute flight arrival delays. temperatures outside, low to mid-50s until you get to
6:49 am
mountain view and san jose, 58 and 59. around the monterey bay, same kinds of conditions, same temperatures, mid-50s. highlights, more sunshine today, not quite as chilly as yesterday. cloudy tonight it had not as damp this morning. high pressure starting to take over slowly. warmest weather arrives sunday and monday. again, the biggest impact in the east bay valleys. look at the cloud cover stretching all the way into the central valley. it will take until noon for our valleys to clear and probably 2:00 until we punch significant holes in around the bay. 60s and 70s dominate most of our areas but we have 80s and they're mainly in the east bay valley, except danville, dublin and pleasanton. you're in the upper 70s. east bay shore clouds hanging with the sunshine. san leandro, low 70s. mid to upper 70s in the south bay with milpitas 73.
6:50 am
68 millbrae but most of the peninsula with sunshine and low to mid-70s. along the coast, upper 50s. downtown south san francisco and sausalito. pockets of sunshine. low to mid-60s for you. upper 60s san rafael. more sunshine and warmer weather the farther north you head. ukiah 88. the monterey bay, mid to upper 60s with cloud cover. hollister 72. 76 gilroy. morgan hill the warm spot, around 80. afternoon game, the 4th game and final one, 12:45 first pitch at at&t park. you'll see more sunshine towards the ends of the game and about 62 degrees. tonight cloudy once again and temperatures pretty much in the low to mid-50s until you get to san jose at about 58. your seven-day forecast, the warmest weather again in the east bay valleys where we hit
6:51 am
the low to mid-90s starting sunday. mid to upper 70s by tuesday. at the coast a little sunshine and temperatures low 60s. if you have it, we want it. what that is is video. weather video. if you'd like to share it with us, upload it or e-mail it. here's frances. you have another accident same area? >> yeah, mike. can you believe it. this is the third accident in the same spot in san jose. north 101 at old oakland road. first there was a four-car crash, then a three-car crash. now we've got a two-car crash but this one reporting injuries as well so we may see lane closures. traffic slow from the earlier accidents from actually all the way towards 880. i have the drive times. almost 40 minutes from highway 85 up to 237. this is a 15-minute delay. you really want to avoid that
6:52 am
and consider highway 87 as an alternate. we have a live shot of highway 487 in san jose. that northbound commute a much better option this morning as opposed to 101. that's the hot spot through san jose. we'll check out the bay bridge, the incline section because a stall has been reported blocking the slow lane. the bay bridge toll plaza, although there's quite a bit of low clouds and fog, no delays at the bay bridge toll plaza. we'll see if there stall causes delays. hasn't been too much of a problem since the congestion pricing started. go too for the latest. >> more low emission vehicles may soon be using california's carpool lanes under a bill headed towards governor schwarzenegger's desk. the measure approved yesterday gives the latest generation of hybrid and alternative fuel vehicles access to the lanes during the commute hours. allows sole drivers to continue using carpool lanes through next
6:53 am
june. that privilege was set to expire at the end of this year. the measure was sponsored by san francisco's state senator. >> a warning this morning about inflatable bounce houses popular with young children. the oakland-based center for environmental health says its testing found lead levels in the vinyling as much as 96 times as our federal guidelines. lead slows the brain development of children. >> if you're having a bounce house party, make sure the children wash their hands before they eat or drink. >> the state attorney general's office is suing eight makers and suppliers of bounce houses. it's taking the bounce house that tested high in lead off the market. a south bay rose garden will be selected as america's best rose garden today. the san jose municipal rose garden beat out more than 130 other public rose gardens across
6:54 am
the country. the aword will be given out by nonprofit association and rose growers. volunteers and staff have worked to restore the garden over the past few years since it was placed on probation because it had fallen in such disrepair. the rose garden in oakland placed ten in the competition. >> a federal judge will announce whether he's lifting his stay allowing same sex marriages to resume in california. >> there's a three-hour window this morning starting at 9 a.m. when judge vaughan walker will release his decision online as the same sex couples can go ahead and get married. this place is like city hall down here. judge walker last week ruled proposition 8 unconstitutional. that is the measure passed by 7 million californians saying
6:55 am
marriage should be defined as between one man and one woman. he placed a stay on the ruling and those who came to san francisco city hall hoping to get a marriage license were turned away. if if the judge lifts the stay, that doesn't mean same sex weddings will take place today. he hopes to give pro-prop 8 a week to appeal. he's going ahead, make his decision today. we're going to see exactly what it is at 9 a.m. to symptoms -- to stop the speculation. they have people ready to work overtime and a full staff that can handle 100 marriages per day. that's the story from here. let's go to theresa garcia. >> good morning. you know, terry, the tight economic times, it's unusual to hear of a transits agency with an extra surplus of cash. this is the case with bart. it's deciding what to dpo with
6:56 am
its growing stash of extra cash. bart is in a position with a total of $8.5 extra million to work with. it announced a surplus because of extra state funding. bart discovered another unexpected $4 million which comes from a higher than projected county sales tax revenue. this will likely go towards the capital reserve fund. voters will vote on how to allocate the original $4.5 million surplus. it has customers-focussed projects. it will give riders a 3% fare reduction for four months. you have some riders who say it's not worth spending money to reprogram those ticket counters and reprint brochures. if the fare rollback is approved, riders can expect that decrease to run from october through february. theresa garcia, abc 7 news. >> theresa, thanks. >> final check on weather and
6:57 am
traffic, mike. >> damp this morning and then we see some sunshine. low to mid-80s today. low to mid-70s from fremont into the south bay. vallejo, napa and santa rosa, notice the clouds sticky san francisco, oakland and san rafael. that's why you're in the 60s. even 59 half moon bay. warming trend slated for the weekend and the warmest weather will push in sunday through the early part of next week. frances. >> mike, chp at the scene of what they're now calling three separate accidents. north 101 at mckee. this is in addition to the two earlier accidents. traffic jammed along that stretch. it's causing 15 to 20-minute delays now. so you may want to consider highway 87 as an alternate. the bay bridge toll plaza surprisingly not much of a delay considering the stall on the bay bridge. >> thank you for joining us for the abc 7 morning news. >> we'll be back with a local
6:58 am
update at 7:22.
6:59 am
>> so, ah, your seat good? got the mirrors all adjusted? you can see everything ok? just stay off the freeways, all right? i don't want you going out on those yet. and leave your phone in your purse, i don't want you texting. >> daddy... ok! ok, here you go. be careful. >> thanks dad. >> and call me--but not while you're driving. we knew this day was coming. that's why we bought a subaru.


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